Meet the Board

Wolf Creek HOA has a volunteer Board of Directors that work to make Wolf Hollow a great place to live.  The Board serve two year terms.  Contact information for the Board is provided below.   Their primary role is to provide oversight for the management of the community and financial management.  Please consider that Board members are volunteers and may not be available immediately.  


Morris Lewis

Morris lives at 5012 Timber Way. He can be reached by phone at 385.254.5606 or by email at

Kate Johnson

 Kate lives at 1255 Wolf Hollow Lane and can be reached  by email at

Peggy Gouvisis

Peggy lives at 4985 Kiska Lane and can be reached by email at


Violeta Vasilevska

Violeta lives at1255 Wolf Hollow Lane  and can be reached by phone at 801-810-6043 or by email at

John B IMG_1938.JPG

John Buggraf

John lives at 5012 Timber Way and can be reached by phone at 801.649.7342 or by email at