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Olivia Church

The Wolf Hollow HOA contracts with Property Management Systems Inc (PMSI) to provide management services for the HOA and the community. Olivia Church is the manager for Wolf Hollow.  

Olivia is available by email or through the PMSI Portal,  from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.  If you have a request outside of that time, please email her, or send a message through the PMSI Portal  She will respond during normal business hours.  

Outside of normal business hours, her phone will be forwarded to an answering service who will provide her with call information during her next work day.  

Olivia Church

Property Management Systems, Inc

262 E 3900 S #200

SLC, UT 84107


Emergency Contact

In the event of an emergency, contact PMSI  at 801-262-3900 or a member of the HOA Board.  Examples of emergencies include garage door issues, fire panel beeping/messages, fires, floods, or other significant issues that can cause significant damage to the community.  Examples of non-emergency issues include sprinkler repair, building or common area cleaning, or general concerns If an emergency exists, the answering service will contact Olivia

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